Bay 205, 979 Fir Street | Next to the Bottle Depot


Introducing Kwik Lube Plus+


We're proud to be able to offer our valued customers with an expanded set of maintenance services out of our newly expanded shop space.  Wheel in for an oil change and drive straight across for more of your maintenance needs.


• Tire rotation

• Driveline services

• Fuel filter replacement (gas & diesel)


And there's more to come as we settle into the expanded space...stay tuned!


The services you need from a place you know you can trust.

Why Mobil?


Mobil isn't the ONLY product we offer, it just happens to be the one we feel is best for our customers. Because we're not tied to some franchise business model we're free to make choices like these without the influence of big ticket volumes and pressures. Just one more reason to shop local.


Canadians consume several hundred millions of litres of motor oil every year.

Over 2 Million Litres & Counting


Since 1995 Kwik Lube has poured over 2 million litres of motor oil, changed more than 400,000 oil filters and served up (and consumed) over 65,000 cups of coffee.


Wonder how many times we've bumped our noggins down below...

Bay 205, 979 Fir Street, Sherwood Park



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